How do I change my preferences?

Visiting the Preferences section on the Careersaas app gives five separate options for Careersaas users.

The first section enables users to choose an employment status: Currently Employed Unemployed Postgraduate Undergraduate Student

We use this information from a networking perspective in the Careersaas application.

The next three sections cover Industry Preferences, Personality Preferences, Skill Preferences.

These are all very important tools for customising your search in Careersaas. Industry preferences can help enable granularity in a Job, Internship or Remote work search.

The personality and skill preferences are used to enable granularity on the Career search.

Finally, the last section of the Preferences page lists the Job Titles that you were first interested in during the Sign Up process for Careersaas. We use this data to present jobs of interest in the Newsfeed on the dashboard.

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Published date: 04/11/2020 4:35AM
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