Differences between an instant alert and a daily report?

Options for email alerts can be adjusted from the Careersaas application at the Settings page: https://app.careersaas.com/portal/settings.html

A Daily Report shows you all of the roles found within your local area over the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, an Instant Alert will shoot a single email to your inbox as soon as it has been found by Careersaas’ crawlers on the Internet.

Keep in mind that you can use both the instant alert as well as the email daily summary if you wish. The goal of each is different. Most of our users prefer to be informed on a daily email digest, but also a chunk of our user base prefer to be notified once Careersaas has found a job position relevant to a user as soon as we crawl it.

You can control the email delivery of both using the Settings page on the Careersaas web console.

We have other functionality that can be used to send our users an email alert once a job has expired or been removed from the Internet, which can help if you’re tracking a position in your Job Application Tracker on the Careersaas user interface.

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