What is the difference between Job, Intern and Remote Search?

We carefully separate all three of these sections to provide a more granular experience for you.

Internships are found through keywords accompanied with your search term, for example if the word “Intern” is found in the job title, we will categorise the job within this section.

For Remote Jobs, we will also look at the location of the job when we crawl it from the Internet and consider if the role is officially a work from home position. The remote jobs also try to find hybrid positions, which is a type of work which means working from home but also in an office space on an occasional basis.

Finally, for standard Job Search, you will be able to call upon the full database of jobs to find that position of interest.

For both internship and job search, there is also a page specifically created for positions “Near You”. This will ensure that you will only ever see roles in your local viscinity, thus creating a more customised experience for end users.

On each job search page you will be able to filter by the type of company (such as startup or an enterprise business), as well as by industry niche (such as technology or agriculture).

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