I have found an expired job in Careersaas. How do I remove it?

We constantly send our Careersaas crawlers out to the Internet to programmatically identify jobs that have expired. These include 404 errors, but at times the position has just been updated and the body of content removed. This is tricky to identify as an expired position, but our algorithm is constantly changing to find these types of positions so that users no longer see them in our user interface.

When a job has been filled, or deleted from the web, we will then try our best to delete that position from Careersaas in a timely fashion.

However, there are times when we will miss roles or these jobs have yet to be deleted. We spend a lot of time adjusting our crawlers to make sure we find expired jobs, but with more than 2 million positions occasionally you will find broken or expired links in the Careersaas platform.

Over time this algorithm will change to improve our ability to remove expired positions.

We would appreciate if you could notify us through the “Help” button if you identify a position that has expired and we will coordinate removal right away, or please leave some time to allow our crawlers and indexers to validate and remove the job from Careersaas as quickly as possible.

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Published date: 04/11/2020 5:35AM
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