What are job alerts?

A Job Alert is an automated email that Careersaas sends you for a job found that is relevant to you. This will help you apply for a position before other candidates find the job on the web. Typically, these roles are found from using your geo-location and your careers of interest. This is configured from the Alerts page https://app.careersaas.com/portal/alerting.html.

As soon as these positions are found, you will be alerted to the role by Careersaas and an email will be delivered to your inbox. In order to guarantee receipt of these emails, please ensure that we are marked as a safe sender on your email box.

Through clicking “Stop this email alert” you can pause the role informing you of positions near you, and “Clear below roles” will wipe the slate clean for each career title.

There are three checkboxes at the top of the application:

  1. Send email reports with a daily summary containing jobs found
  2. Send email instant alerts when jobs are found
  3. Send me an email when jobs expire or have been filled (this depends on the tracker tool)

These can be used to disable or enable the mail functionality direct, as opposed to going to the Settings page.

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