What is the "WFH Ranking" in Careersaas?

Careersaas has a core focus on providing a tool for those who are seeking jobs in the Remote Work From Home field, and we have Remote Job Search tools for this functionality. Our website is designed to help jobseekers find remote or hybrid work, and Careersaas has more remote positions than any other job board or search site on the internet.

As part of our tools, on a company’s profile in Careersaas we provide a WFH Ranking in which we calculate how “friendly” a company is with regards to working from home and posting remote jobs. This is a score from 1 to 100 points and is updated on a regular basis.

Whilst we can not reveal the secret sauce behind this algorithm, what we can tell you is that the data is calculated by scanning a company’s job board searching for remote jobs, and that Careersaas also scans a company profile and corporate website looking for specific keywords that may boost the score.

It is hoped that this metric will help you make an informed decision before moving to a company for remote or hybrid work.

This data is refreshed weekly, and uses several custom calculations to calculate this information.

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