What is the "Recruiter" search in Careersaas?

One feature in Careersaas that we provide is the ability to locate an internal recruiter within a Company.

One of our pet peeves when building this product was contact from external recruiters to place candidates in positions for other companies.

It is our hope that this feature will help candidates identify contacts during the application process, in order to help job seekers make contact with key decision makers.

Please keep in mind, the nature of the recruitment industry dictates that recruiters often quickly move from position to position. We try our very best to keep track of where these recruiters move, but this is a very hard process. We advise that you use LinkedIn profiles for up to the minute details on where a recruiter is currently working, before you reach out via email.

We also for privacy reasons have to obfuscate the email address of a recruiter. The tool in Careersaas is simply guidance as opposed to a tool to reach out to recruiters for roles, and we hope this may be useful to identify other members of the same internal teams for HR, recruitment and so on.

If you identify a recruiter with invalid or expired data, please reach out to Careersaas’ team on the Contact or Help page.

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